Museums, archives, cultural institutions and documentation centres invest a great deal of effort in managing their heritage content. However, the management of large quantities of holdings and collections can often require more resources, personnel and tools than are currently available.

We at La Foneria are committed to developing technology that facilitates the research, management, processing and dissemination of cultural heritage. We do so by adapting the Dédalo platform to the specific needs of each project, and by developing AI tools to speed up those repetitive daily tasks that require time and effort.

Could you do with disruptive technologies that speed up your projects? Well, take a look at what we've been up to. If we're not already working on it, we can help you to develop and even finance it.

Integrating automatic transcription tools to Dédalo

Status Completed

Uploading digital audio or video files containing human voices and converting them into text via an AI-powered automatic voice recognition system. It is available in multiple languages and has an error rate of less than 5%.


Transcription of interviews, conference speeches and recordings of human voices.

Integrating 3D models into Dédalo

Status Completed

Training Dédalo to manage and publish digital 3D model files.


Online management and publication for cultural institutions with digitised 3D cultural heritage content, without the need to publish on commercial platforms such as Sketchfab.

Extracting structured data from documents


First phase completed.


Computer vision and artificial intelligence project designed to extract entities (names, municipalities, facts, dates, etc.) from digitised handwritten and typewritten documents.


Online publication of data associated with documents and the anonymisation of individuals mentioned in documents for documentation centres and archives.

Indexació a través d’una xarxa neuronal

Status Under development

Development of a neural network (a type of AI technology) to index the content of cultural institutions using their own thesauruses or controlled languages.


Indexing museum collections; speeding up archival description processes; and indexing the interviews and audiovisual recordings of cultural centres, archives, museums and documentation centres.

Natural language model interview bot

Status En desenvolupament

Development of a natural language model (a type of AI technology) to answer questions on a given topic based on indexed interviews.


Physical exhibitions or online environments aimed at learners who want to acquire knowledge by interacting naturally with original testimony content.

We develop technologies to accelerate the management and dissemination of heritage content.