We document and manage thousands of museum pieces; extract data from hundreds of archival documents; create online exhibitions; develop search engines and educational resources based on pre-existing content; shine a light on our cultural heritage in online environments; and reach more users online than those who visit you in person. And there's much more to it than firing off a few posts.

At La Foneria, we manage cultural heritage to bring it closer to your online audiences. To do so, we offer services in the following areas:






  • We analyse your collections, holdings, data and content to design cataloguing, processing and publication projects for your heritage material.
  • We design projects with your technological resources in mind, allowing you to work as efficiently as possible. If necessary, we can even adapt these technologies to your specific requirements.
  • We develop online publication projects aimed at specific audiences, guaranteeing a bespoke user experience that allows them to discover their heritage.
  • We assess your social media profiles, communication plans and audience studies to design the optimal digital strategy in order to bring heritage content closer to your online users.
  • We train cultural institutions and technicians on how to use the technologies that we provide them with.

Documentary management

  • We describe, catalogue, curate, process and/or index your heritage content so that it can be published online.
  • We apply digital storytelling techniques when describing and processing your heritage content to guarantee a good user experience for your online audiences.
  • We develop controlled vocabularies, thesauruses, lists, categories and tags to index your content and publish it online in a smart way.
  • We describe and catalogue museum collections; extract data from archival documents; and transcribe and index interviews, recordings, photographs and documents, with online publication at the forefront of our minds.
  • We use information technologies to manage your heritage content and make it available online, and employ artificial intelligence to facilitate repetitive human tasks such as description, data extraction, transcription and indexing. All of this leaves you with more time to be productive in other areas.


  • We have a robust understanding of technology and heritage content. We adapt information technologies to the needs of each project and can even tweak or develop our own AI tools that help with routine management tasks.
  • We are well-versed in the management of heritage collections. We have versatile database models that can be used for all kinds of heritage content, but can adapt these to your specific needs if required.
  • We develop software and information technologies that enable the management of hundreds of recordings, thousands of records and millions of documents. In other words, we make scalable technology that grows as you do.
  • We use AI algorithms, neural networks, computer vision technologies and language models to speed up your daily description, transcription, data extraction and indexing tasks. This allows you to manage even more cultural heritage content and make it all available online.

Digital storytelling, design and web programming

  • Our digital storytelling projects tell the story that you want your users, audiences and clients to hear. We make your target audience understand you in a variety of ways.
  • We propose publishing projects based on content that can be accessed by your potential audiences. If necessary, we can even produce new content.
  • We develop digital products that engage your audiences through bespoke designs that ensure the best possible user experience.
  • We design custom-made interfaces for your users with no need for an instruction manual.

Digital strategy for cultural institutions

  • After analysing your online data and identifying your audiences, clients and users, we'll agree on the optimal digital strategy that best places you to meet your targets.
  • We attract your target audiences to the online environments you're looking to promote through strategies that have been developed hand-in-hand with cultural institutions.
  • We develop campaigns and teach the technicians of institutions how to implement them and attract users.

Cultural heritage is our speciality. We do all we can to bring it closer to your audiences.


Want to know what our clients say about us and the services we offer? Just take a look below:

César Layana


For us, working with La Foneria has been very rewarding.

INM (Instituto Navarro de la Memoria)

Marta Perpiñan


We have the content, but we have to disseminate it.

Col·legi d'Infermeres i Infermers de Barcelona

Manuel Gonzalves


Technology in heritage management is an essential tool.

MUPREVA (Museu de Prehistòria de València)


Ministerio de la Presidencia, relaciones con las Cortes y Memoria Democráctica. Gobierno de España
Comunidad de Madrid
Instituto Navarro de la Memoria
Arxiu Comarcal del Baix Llobregat
Ministerio de Cultura y Patrimonio. Gobierno del Ecuador
Arxiu Nacional de Catalunya
Xarxa de Museus. Comarques de Tarragona i Terres de l'Ebre
Generalitat de Catalunya. Departament de Cultura
Museu Terra. L'Espluga de Francolí
ICUB. Institut de Cultura
Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores, Unión Europea y Cooperación. AECID. Cooperación Española
Xarxa d'arxius comarcals
Museu de l'anxova i de la sal
Col·legi Oficial d'Infermeres i Infermers de Barcelona
Museu de Prehistòria València. Diputació de València