We're delighted to work with Dédalo, which is the best cultural heritage management software on the market. We chose it because of its unlimited capacities; because of its philosophy of shared knowledge, ranging from cultural institutions to open source software; because it is the only heritage management software that can adapt to the needs of each project; and because of its potential to grow as it integrates new technologies.

We've made it even more accessible through the use of a software-as-a-service (SaaS) computing model and the integration of AI tools, and have made it more agile and easy to use for users and programmers.

Why Dédalo?


Whatever heritage content you're looking to manage, you'll find its file in Dédalo. There's no such thing as isolated heritage. On the contrary, all heritage is connected. Ethnological and intangible heritage? Documentary heritage and oral history? Conferences and moveable heritage? It's all in Dédalo, and it's all connected.

Is it digital? Then it's on Dédalo.

Photographic plates, archival documents, museum pieces, recordings of festivities and conferences, historical maps, 3D objects, photographs, audio and video interviews, data from other databases... Whatever the format, Dédalo can handle it. It can even serve as a repository.

Do you have an internet connection? Then you have Dédalo.

Dédalo is always accessible online. Wherever they are in the world, your team members and providers will be able to connect.

Multiple users, different profiles.

Dédalo can be used by everyone, from fresh-faced interns to the director of the company. It can also be used by in-house technicians who specialise in different areas and third-party companies who are there to lend you a hand when you need it. Each user is assigned a profile that matches their tasks and projects.

Cloud-based services.

Dédalo is a cloud-based platform that offers a vast range of first and third-party services, including the conversion of digital content into low-resolution files, the automatic transcription and/or translation of recordings and the provision of access to maps and other repositories. If machines can help us, we should let them do it.

We make it easy.

Dédalo is so intuitive and user-friendly that you'll be using it without an instructions manual from minute one (although you'll be given one, just in case!) If you still need help, we can offer bespoke training sessions and provide a consultation service.

Secure and error-proof.

Outwardly, Dédalo complies with the strictest of Internet security standards. Inwardly, all entries and changes are recordable, all errors are correctable and all data is retrievable. Raise your hand if you've never made a mistake.

Thesauruses, controlled vocabularies and information management to the extreme.

Does your network have a thesaurus? Does your area of knowledge have any specialised terms? Is specialist vocabulary required for a research project? Import or create any of these document languages and index any digital file, transcript/description or database field. The key to information retrieval is solid internal work, and Dédalo helps with that.

Everything can be indexed.

Whether it's a file, a document, a fragment of an interview, a description of a photograph, a process of a craft, a word identified in a scroll or a part of an object. All heritage content is indexable thanks to the flexibility offered by Dédalo.

Incorporated data.

Whether it's nomenclatures, maps or files, Dédalo will allow you to get to work with a large amount of pre-loaded information. If you need to incorporate your information, all you need to do is import it.


Do you work in more than one language? Do you need to reach people from all over the world? Dédalo is 100% multilingual. All the content hosted on the platform can be translated automatically by its free cloud-based services. However, if you prefer a human translation, all you need to do is export the texts and then import the translations with the click of a button.

Human or automatic transcription? You decide.

Just upload the conference, interview, song or recording of your choice and let Dédalo's AI tools get to work. They're improving all the time, and we're getting closer and closer to 100% transcription accuracy in most of the world's languages. However, if you still feel the need for a human transcription, you'll find tools that make this task even easier for you.

Super speedy automatic translation.

In the time it takes you to close your open tabs, Dédalo will translate your content into the language of your choice: from interviews to object descriptions, exhibition texts or thesaurus terms. Everything can be translated automatically. However, you're free to do the translation yourself or revise the results of machine translation output, if you feel like it.

Publish what you want, how you want.

You can limit the number of records to be published; show only the fields you're interested in; display the thesaurus, digital files of the collections, descriptions and transcriptions; create the perfect narrative; or generate an online exhibition, map or educational project. Put simply, you've got total control.

Dédalo: technology at the service of cultural institutions.