We have undertaken a plethora of projects for a wide range of different institutions. Here are a few examples of our work:

Oroibidea. Camino de memoria

Web of the Navarre Institute of Memory dedicated to the victims of Franco's repression in Navarre. In Oroibidea you can find 23,053 victims, relations between the victims and the repressive act or with the places of repression, as well as bibliographical references, documentaries or interviews in four languages.

Migració de les col·leccions del Museu Terra (Museu de la Vida Rural)

Migration of data from MuseumPlus to Dédalo for the treatment and publication of the Museu Terra (Museu de la Vida Rural) collections, on the basis of which various web publication projects are developed.

Jugar amb foc

Virtual exhibition in which, through objects and photos from the Museu Terra collection, audiovisuals and a series of explanatory texts, we discover the relationship we humans have with the element of fire, whether as an ally or an enemy.


Online exhibition based on interviews with retired nurses that focuses on the most important verb of the nursing profession, highlighting the different ways in which nurses care for their patients in their work.

Paca, de la teranyina a la web

Conceptualisation and processing of the l'Escala Anchovy and Salt Museum's documentary collections on "la Paca": the last fishing boat to be built in l'Escala.

Censo nacional de víctimas

Identification of the databases on victims of the Civil War and dictatorship in Spain for the establishment of a model of action to enable the information to be incorporated into a statewide census.

Preservem la memòria

Web that acts as a repository of interviews for the preservation of the oral memory of the nurses of Barcelona.

Bajo Tierra. Exhumaciones tempranas en Navarra

In preparation for the publication of an online exhibit, treatment of documentary, photographic and oral sources from the Instituto Navarro de la Memoria (Navarre Institute of Memory) which explain the phenomenon of the unearthing of mass Civil War graves in Navarre during the democratic transition by the civil society.

Protocols d’actuació per a enregistraments orals

Analysis of the oral history collections from the Xarxa d'Arxius de Catalunya (County Archives Network), the Arxiu Nacional de Catalunya (National Archive of Catalonia) and certain municipal archives for the establishment of action protocols for archives and research projects to facilitate the processing and dissemination of interviews online.

La Ciudad de los cautivos. Centros de detención en Pamplona (1936-1945)

Online exhibition explaining captivity and its consequences during the Spanish Civil War and the regime of Francisco Franco, with a special focus on the city of Pamplona.

Capacitació per a la curadoria digital

Online course addressed to the museum technicians of Ecuador for the online publication and management of museum collections.

Memorias de la objeción y la insumisión en Navarra (1971–2002)

Online exhibition based on the oral collections of the Navarre Institute of Memory which addresses the history of the insubordination and conscientious objection movement in Navarre and shines a light on its protagonists.

Arxiu de drets humans sobre la memòria de les víctimes de la violència sexual durant la Guerra Civil al Nepal (1996-2006)

On-site course designed to teach technicians how to process audiovisual collections and use the Dédalo software to create a human rights archive on the memory of victims of sexual violence during the Nepalese Civil War (1996-2006).